Premium strip slitting

01.01.2026To 30.01.2027premium-strip-slitting

Marks and scratches on metal strips lead to waste - have you ever faced this challenge?


Having reliable suppliers that guarantee the supply of materials without marks and with perfect surface finishes is a competitive advantage for all industrial manufacturing companies where marked material can lead to a loss of resources and, ultimately, personnel costs and material wastage. Have you ever faced this challenge?
VINCO, a company specialised in the supply of Strips, Wires and Wire Rope, has years of expertise, offering guaranteed supply, in addition to a holistic guidance, support and customisation service tailored to each client.
In response to this difficulty, VINCO has come up with the solution:  Premium slitting offers a very high level of customisation, which is only possible through the development of flexible solutions and a wide range of products in terms of sizes, quantities, formats, surface finishes, coatings, etc. Always with a constant and guaranteed supply of all types of metal strapping, specially developed for use in sectors such as automotive, stamping and electro-components, among others.

VINCO’s premium cutting service provides the solution to supplying material with a mark free surface finish, thus reducing waste in the client production line and helping to increase their productivity.


With the new cutting lines for delicate materials, at VINCO's cutting centre we can process the sensitive surface finish strip carefully and accurately in order to provide you with scratch and mark free material in thicknesses from 0.05mm and whatever width you need.
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