• About VINCO
  • About VINCO
  • About VINCO

We like what we do.

We are a globally focused company that supplies strips, wires and wire rope.

We operate our business in the industrial sector (strips and wires), mainly focused on the precision stamping of components for the automotive and electronic industry, the agri-food and the springs industry. We supply high and low-carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, copper alloys and aluminium.

Our strip-cutting service centre has 10 longitudinal cutting lines and other lines for ancillary operations, enabling us to supply strips that are on spools, flat or free of burrs. We have a wide range of products, both in terms of the materials and the ranges of sizes, surface finishes, coatings and supply options.

We have a clear service philosophy, we are customer-oriented and strive for continuous improvement, which is made possible thanks to our dedicated team of people.


We like what we do. And that's why we do it well.


VINCO belongs to Lontana Group, an industrial group with more than 950 people who bring value to clients, offering global solutions as an industrial supplier of semi-transformed metal products, hardware and fixing systems to companies like: ALU-STOCK, BRONMETAL, CHAVESBAO, INDEX, LONDEX, METALLE SCHMIDT, VBT and VINCO

Its customers come from the most demanding sectors like automotive, industrial, construction, energy, aeronautics, rail, architecture and naval. It has more than 13,000 clients from over 100 countries and 15 locations and sales offices on 3 of the 5 continents.

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