Blechexpo 2017

20.11.2017photo gallery Blechexpo

Blechexpo international trade fair for sheet metal working, from 7 to 10 November in Stuttgart, Germany.


Vinco has participated for the first time as an exhibitor at Blechexpo, presenting its wide range of strips in different qualities, from 0.10 mm to 5.0 mm in thickness and from 3.0 mm to 1,250 mm in width.


With two cutting centres, more than 18,000 m2 of warehouse and 8 of its own longitudinal cutting lines, VINCO offers its customers an excellent service.

Additionally, it has other lines for secondary operations that allow the delivery of the strip flattened and burr-free or spooled for the production of coils of up to 2 Tn.


Vinco is the answer to the needs of each customer, either helping them to optimise their production lines or offering a fully customised service.

The company works with the highest quality standards in strip and wire with high and low carbon content, stainless steel strip, copper and copper alloys, and also aluminium.


VINCO’s highly experienced staff, together with the receptiveness and interest shown by the visitors from different sectors, made all the difference, turning this new venture into a success and encouraging the company to participate in the next Blechexpo 2019.

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