Wire 2024: Powering Innovation for a Sustainable Future

22.04.2024Wire 2024: Powering Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Wire 2024, held in Düsseldorf, marked a high point in the history of the wire and cable industry, bringing together 1,500 exhibitors from 60 countries in 67,400 square metres of space. This flagship event, which has been established over almost 40 years, proved to be the largest to date, highlighting the global commitment to innovation and sustainability in this sector.

In addition, Tube, the associated trade fair focusing on tubes and related technologies, attracted around 1,200 exhibitors from 54 countries, with a growing focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.

The convergence of these events reflects the urgency of addressing future energy challenges and the need for sustainable solutions at all stages of the supply chain.

With a total of 2,700 exhibitors and more than 120,000 square metres of exhibition space, Wire 2024 served as a platform to highlight innovations in wire and cable manufacturing and related technologies.

Experts presented sustainability strategies, discussed green transformation and energy policy, and shared success stories on decarbonisation.

Professional visitors from 135 countries, including industry leaders and decision-makers, came mainly from Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France and other leading wire and cable producing countries. This diversity reflects the global importance of these sectors and their critical role in the world economy.

In particular, VINCO's team of experts was particularly enthusiastic about the business opportunities, new projects and new professional relationships generated at the show. Wire 2024 has been an ideal scenario to give visibility to the company's rolling process, as well as to the wide range of references of round wire, flat wire, wire rope and strip, consolidating itself as a key player in the industry.


Looking to the future, the organisers have already announced that Wire and Tube will return to Düsseldorf from 13-17 April 2026. These shows will continue to be key meeting points for innovation, collaboration and progress towards a more sustainable future in the wire, cable and tube industry.

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