High-quality copper strip

03.06.2019High-quality copper strip

One of the main functional characteristics to point out about VINCO is the supply capacity which, adapted to the narrowest tolerances according to the needs of every customer, constitutes a leading position in the supply and cutting of copper strip and other grades in non-ferrous strip.

During the next edition of the Blechexpo International Fair, Stuttgart 5-8. November 2019, VINCO will make good use of its participation as an exhibitor to highlight their strength in the supply of stainless steel and non-ferrous steel business lines.

Apart from a team of experts willing to assist you with copper strip and other copper alloys, as well as the different supply formats available, VINCO provides a metal alert system where all users of their website can be informed about the price of copper and other metals. In the same way, users can obtain, through the email address they provide, the market value of the metal, at the frequency that they wish and for free.

Contact your sales representative at to find out more about copper tape, copper sheet, spooled copper strip, flattened copper strip, rolled copper strip helycoil, the price of copper, the price of copper by the kilogram, tinned copper strip, plated copper strip, profiled copper strip. We provide copper strip with an excellent quality-price ratio.

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