Production capacities


Cutting range

We are specialists in cutting narrow strips and precision thickness and width tolerances.

Graph. Production cutting range

Cutting range of strip

Note: For certain materials and widths it is possible to achieve a thickness of 6mm.
Make sure that you check other width - thickness combinations.


Spooled strip

We have spooling lines to supply strips in coils of up to 2,000 kg.

Graph. Spooled strip capacity

Spooled strip

These formats offer the following competitive advantages: 

  • Increased productivity by eliminating the number of machine changes.
  • A reduction in the number of adjustments.
  • Better use of materials.
  • More reliable processes thanks to the highly uniform strips.


Strips in Helicoil format

We also offer the option of supplying the strips in this high-productivity configuration up to 2 000 Kg.

Graph. Spooled strip capacitySpooled strip capacity

Image. Helicoil with cardboard dividersHelicoil with cardboard dividers



Types of edges

We can supply the strip with sheared edges (GK) or special edges (SK). For special edges, Rolling is an option (with rounded edges), as is chip removal (machined edges).
For coated strips, it may also be possible for the edge to be coated, depending on the type and width.


Profiled strip

We are able to supply profiled strips according to specifications in the customer's drawing

.Profiled strip



Bonded strip

Bonded Strip
We offer the option of supplying the strips embedded and bonded.
Profiles strip Vinco
Inserted strip
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