New product family launch. Steel wires, stainless steel wires and slings

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New product family launch.

We introduce the new product launch, the WIRES of a new range of STEEL AND STAINLESS STEEL WIRES AND SLINGS, geared mainly towards the industrial, fishing and elevation and lifts sectors, among others.
Among the main innovations we have incorporated, the following are highlighted:

• STEEL AND STAINLESS STEEL WIRE in different constructions and diameters.

• GENERAL USE WIRE ROPES compacted and standard, with textile or metal core, in different constructions and diameters. (7x7 7x19M, 6x19S-SFC, 6x36WS-SFC, 6x36WS-IWRC).

• FISHING WIRES  of 6-Ropes, compacted or standard, with fibre or metal core, especially selected for trawler and purse-seine fishing application, among other activities. (6x19S-SFC, 6x19S-IWRC, 6xK19S-SFC, 6xK19S-IWRC, 6xK26WS-SFC, 6xK26WS-IWRC).

• INDUSTRIAL USE WIRE ROPES, 6 and 8-rope wires for crane application, gantry cranes, container ships, port cranes, etc...

• ROTATION RESISTANT AND ANTI-TWISTING WIRE ROPES, especially selected for tower cranes and telescopic cranes, among others.  

• LIFT WIRE ROPES 8 and 6-rope wires, for lift elevation and speed limitation application.  

STAINLESS STEEL WIRE ROPE for uses in architecture, interior design, recreational use, life-lines, agriculture and more. In addition, we supply stainless ropes, synthetic fibre ropes and slings for various applications.

• POLYESTER SLINGS with 7:1 safety factor, and in compliance with the EN1492-1 standard.

• SYNTHETIC FIBRE ROPES made of polyethylene, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, special high performance fibres.


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