5 razões para visitar a Blechexpo, o evento mais importante para o trabalho com chapas metálicas.

01.09.20235 razões para visitar a Blechexpo, o evento mais importante para o trabalho com chapas metálicas.

Lontana Group will be at Blechexpo 2023.

VINCO and Metalle Schmidt will be attending Blechexpo 2023 as exhibitors, one of the most important international meetings of the sector in Europe, which will bring together the most influential players in the sheet metal processing industry.

From 7 to 10 November, Landesmesse Stuttgart will welcome exhibitors and visitors from all over the world to Blechexpo and Schweisstec, the international congress for joining techniques.

Our team of experts will be on hand to meet customers, partners and associates in Hall 10, Stand 10510.



Blechexpo, the most important event for sheet metal working.

Blechexpo, now in its 2023 edition, is the leading international event for the sheet metal working industry in Europe. Held every two years in Stuttgart, Germany, it has become one of the most important trade fairs for professionals and companies involved in the manufacture of sheet metal products and related processes.

This event brings together manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, designers and other industry professionals to showcase the latest technologies, machinery, equipment and services related to sheet metal processing. Some of the highlights of Blechexpo include:

  1. Machinery and technology: The exhibition presents a wide range of machinery and equipment related to sheet metal processing, such as cutting machines, bending machines, punching machines, laser and welding systems, among others.

  2. Innovation: Exhibitors showcase the latest innovations in technology and manufacturing processes, giving attendees the opportunity to keep up to date with industry trends.

  3. Business networks: Blechexpo provides an environment conducive to establishing business contacts and collaborations with industry professionals from all over the world.

  4. Conferences and seminars: In addition to the exhibition, visitors will be able to attend the Schweisstec congress and experience a series of conferences, technical presentations and seminars on topics relevant to the sheet metal working industry and joining techniques.

  5. Live demonstrations: Visitors can witness live demonstrations of machinery and equipment in operation, allowing them to assess their efficiency and capacity.

Blechexpo is an important platform for the sheet metal and rolled steel strip industry, among others, offering a comprehensive overview of the latest trends, technologies and solutions in this field. Participants can learn, share knowledge and establish valuable business connections during the event.


Free Blechexpo invitation

If you have never registered on the fair's website before, you must do so at
And use the code1THEU-CCRC5


Blechexpo and Schewisstec: a double event that brings together the leaders of the sector.

Blechexpo and Schweisstec are two events that take place side by side, forming a dual event that brings together the leaders of the sheet metal working and welding sector. Both events are held in Stuttgart, Germany, and focus on key aspects of the metalworking industry.

Blechexpo focuses on sheet metal processing and covers a wide range of sheet metal related technologies, machinery and equipment. It is an important platform for manufacturers, suppliers and professionals looking for the latest in sheet metal related machinery and processes.

Schweisstec, on the other hand, focuses specifically on welding and joining technologies. This event offers attendees the opportunity to explore the latest innovations in welding, joining techniques and related equipment. Welding is a critical process in the manufacture of sheet metal products, so Schweisstec perfectly complements Blechexpo.

The combination of these two events allows visitors to gain a complete overview of the entire value chain in the sheet metal working industry, from sheet metal fabrication and processing to joining and welding techniques. Exhibitors and attendees can make the most of this opportunity to learn about the latest trends and technologies in both fields, establish business contacts and share knowledge with partners and other industry experts.

The combination of Blechexpo and Schweisstec creates a powerful dual event that attracts a broad audience of professionals interested in the fabrication and processing of sheet metal in all grades and compositions as well as welding and joining techniques.

Vinco, as a regular presenter of semi-finished raw material solutions in rolled steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze and aluminium among others, cannot miss this unmissable event to bring the most customised offer to each customer's supply chain.



16th Blechexpo | 7 to 10 November 2023 | Messe Stuttgart

Do you need more reasons to come to Blechexpo? We look forward to seeing you in hall 10 Stand 10510.

If you don't have a ticket yet, we invite you to register through the link below. At the end of the registration you will receive your 1 day pass. You can register as many tickets as you need.

Mission of the event: The stated aim of the Blechexpo is to present the entire process chain of cold-formed sheet metal processing and the associated thermal or mechanical cutting, joining and connecting technology.

Venue: Landesmesse Stuttgart

Date: 7 to 10 November 2023

Public opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday from 9h to 17h. Friday from 9am to 4pm.

Join us: Hall 10 - Stand 10510

List of exhibitors: Link


Convent: „Challenges on the steel markets in 2023“

On 07 November 2023, the first day of Blechexpo Messe, there will be an additional event at the Stuttgart trade fair. Following the successful launch in 2021, the trade fair promoters, P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG, have decided to organise the Blechexpo Steel Convention 2023...Read more


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